Monday, 26 July 2010

Where We Read

Welcome to Where We Read, the new feature here at The Readings of a Busy Mom.
Its the place to see and share with you where us blogger's and authors enjoy to read.
From sofa's and beds to fancy nook's this is the place we read out books

This week's guest we have been joined by the fabulous and my fellow Brit chick blogger Carolyn from Book Chick City.

Can you tell is a little about yourself?

My name is Carolyn and I'm the chick behind Book Chick City. I review mainly speculative fiction, so lots of Urban Fantasy and Horror etc but I also review Mystery and Romance. I live in England, UK with my hubby. Outside of reading and blogging I love to cycle, go to the gym, travel and generally have a good time with the hubster.

{PHOTO - Me at a Conrad Williams book signing}
Where is your favorite reading spot?

The first is in the bath...with lots of bubbles!

The second is on the sofa with my fluffy blanket
The third is in bed
Why do you like to read there?

I love to read in the bath because it's quiet. I've always read in the bath since I was young, so now it's habit as much as anything - I know that once I'm there I won't be bothered by anyone. In the evening I read on the sofa while the hubster watches tele and of course I read before bed, in bed - it's very comfy ;)

Can you tell us your top 5 books so we can enjoy them in our spots.

Oh wow, this is a toughie - 5 books...*thinks hard*
1. Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane - this series has blown me away - I adore each book and can't wait for more (I know you said 'book' but can't choose one)

2. Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman - the most fantastic YA book I've ever read - it's really amazing.

3. Dracula by Bram Stoker - the best 'Dracula' book in my opinion, it's where it all began really and I love this book - I have five different editions on my shelves :)

4. Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton - this was the first UF book I ever read and it has a very special place in my heart - I know there's a lot of hoohaa about the later books (which I haven't read yet as only up to book 10), but I love this series.

5. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte - this is one of my favourite classics, I think it is such a romantic book, albeit a tortured one - I love the tortured relationship and this is one of the best - a must read in my opinion.


Yay! Thank you Carolyn for joining us today.....I must admit I love to read in the bath and have done since I was in nappies when my mom brought me my first waterproof book *grinning from ear to ear* and does anyone else think I'm a meanie with the hole only 5 books but trust me its for the best as then we get the best 5 books....hope you all enjoyed today's post and feel free to check out Book Chick City and the books she suggested..where do you like to read?

If you would like to take part in my new feature Where We Read please email me


  1. Hi Caroline. The best spot would on my cozy couch and of course in bed. And oh yes, Wuthering Heights is one of my fav!

  2. I like to just curl up in one of our big armchairs :)

  3. I usually read in bed before I sleep, too :)
    Great post!!!

  4. I love reading in a chair I can curl up in. I also like to drink coffee when I read.

  5. I usually read in my big arm chair or in bed. But I've never got into reading in a bath - not sure why, probably because I'm more of a shower person?

    But the more I hear about I realise I must read the Stacia Kane series.... :-)

  6. I read everywhere, even standing in traffic lights, LOL.


    Darlyn - Yay, another Wuthering Heights fan! I love reading in bed and on my sofa, so comfy :)

    Hexe von Blogspot - I want a large armchair, that's what's missing in our house. We are decorating at the moment, but once we're finished I'm going to buy a huge armchair to put in our library just for me! :)

    Aleksandra - Thanks, so nice you popped over :) I can't sleep without reading at least a few chapters before lights out ;)

    LovestoRead - I must admit I like to snack while reading, anything really from crisps to chocolate - yummy! :)

    Laura - Hey! I have showers if I don't have time to read, but during the week, now I'm not working, I draw a hot bubbly bath - pure pleasure, hehe :)

    Man of la Books - LOL, I couldn't read anywhere. I can read on trains and planes etc, but I cannot understand how people can read at the gym on the treadmill - and yes, I've seen it done :D


  8. Ooh, fab pics Carolyn! Your fluffy blanket looks lovely :)

    And great book picks too. I'm going to have to read Stacia Kane's series. I've decided!

  9. i read in bed a lot too and yours looks really comfy!

  10. What a great feature :) I also love Wuthering Heights!

  11. I couldn't read in the bath, I'd be afraid of dropping the book in! However, I really should get some audiobooks on my iPod Touch and listen to them there :)

  12. Definitely on my commute to work, it takes about an hour in the morning so I always have a book or manuscript with me.
    At home, I read in the bath (alot of my books have watermarks along the bottom edge to prove it lol!) and in my armchair in the sitting room.

  13. Great post - I have never read the original Dracula - but you may have now inspired me to do so :)

  14. Jenny - My fluffy blanket is lovely and SO soft, I just snug up on the sofa and it's so comfy :) I'm glad you like my 5 book picks - it was very difficult to choose, and yes you HAVE to read the Stacia Kane series!! :D

    Erika - My bed is comfy hehe - I used to be able to read until late in the night, until that is I moved in with my hubby (boyfriend then), now I get "It's too brought, can't sleep!" LOL

    Norwegian BookGirl - Wuthering Heights is such a good book, my heart was in bits when I finished it for the first time, I think I was fifteen or so. I've read it twice more since then and it gets me every time *sigh*

    Nikki-ann - I know a lot of people who can't read in the bath - and yes, I've dropped in many books LOL but I just love the warm water and silence it gives :)

    Girly Scribbles - Yes, when I used to work in London I commuted for three hours round trip and I got LOADS of reading done, now I don't commute but drive and I can't read at the wheel LOL I want an armchair! When the decorating is don't in our little library I'm going to buy a big comfy armchair just for me! :D

    Sheila - Yay! I'm glad I've persuaded you to read Dracula!! I LOVE this book, I hope you do too :)


  15. The sofa looks so comfortable! I wish I had a luxe sofa like that, but since I'm a student I have a cheap ikea sofa and I love reading on it as well.

  16. Irisonbooks - Hehe, it is very comfy! Love my sofa :D


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