Thursday, 8 July 2010

Wednesday Wishlist(2) on a Thursday :'o(

Sorry this is late guys, I was meant to post it yesterday but I was rushed off my feet by the girls(they maybe cute but there naughty :o} )

I have seen some great books this week, all which have been added to the ever growing wishlist....sigh for the love of books oh and covers

I'm planning to catch up on buying all the items on my wishlist as it will be taller then Jack's stalk soon.
Whats currently on your wish list?


  1. Love the cover for So Shelly!

  2. I want Ghost and Goth too! LOVE that cover :)

  3. Clockwork Angel is on the top of my list! Other is on there too, I may actually buy that today if I can find my coupon... Lots of great ones on your WL though! Waiting to read some reviews on the Ghost and the Goth.

  4. Nicwe list :)

    Ithink the ghst and the goth sounds really cute and different. It's on my list too :)


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