Monday, 19 July 2010

Book Review - Zelah Green (One more little problem) by Vanessa Curtis

Zelah Green bk 2 (One more little problem) bu Vanessa Curtis

Warm, winning and real, Zelah Green is back! My name is Zelah Green and I'm a Cleanaholic. It's the summer hols and I'm on major Flirt Alert. I've joined and ever since I've been getting emails from loads of boys. Boys are Dirt Alert AND Germ Alert. Don't even talk to me about kissing...The rest of my life's a bit rubbish too. That's because: my dad is moping about the house missing his girlfriend; my ex-best friend still isn't speaking to me; my grumpy weirdo Satanist friend has turned up to stay; my cleaning rituals are are taking up way too much time; and, most importantly, the guy I really like, Sol, has disappeared off the face of the earth...

My Review
If you remember I read and reviewed the first book in the Zelah Green set here and loved it, so when I began the second I was stoked into a world where the old saying 'before things get better they get worse' came into play.
Vanessa writes this book better then her first and it only gets more funky with never ending humour throughout. It explores Zelah in a different light, allowing us to see what makes her OCD worse, and with everything that's going on in her life I don't blame her. I love Zelah's character it reminds me of today's typical teens(without the OCD) stressing about boys, life, family, friends except Zelah is a little more mature in many aspects, she has had to grow up very fast.
Zelah Green is a book series that I would recommend, it highlights many aspects around us. Making those with a problem, want to seek help and those without, to understand that there are many reasons why people out there suffer, they do what they do for a reason. Vanessa Curtis  has wrote a truthful book that explores self-harm, depression, and alcoholism, she is never patronising or employing self-improvement trash. A thumbs up from me!

Happy Reading xx


  1. This sounds like a great series, I will keep an eye out for it! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!!

  2. Ooh yay, I got books one and two for review last week so can't wait to get started on them. Great review :) x

  3. This sounds really good, I have OCD myself (germaphobe) so it would be interesting to read something like this! I looked it up on bookdepository and they don't have matching covers for 1 and 2... weird!

  4. Great review! I feel like its hard to explore those problems and be humorous at the same time, but it sounds like the author has done a great job. I'll have to check this out!

  5. This series looks so interested, I'll have to pick it up sometime.

  6. Its different girls, remember that problems such as those above are never touched upon and if they are then its done in a bantering and undermining way so it gets a thumbs up from me :o)

  7. This one sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for stopping by My Own Little Corner of the World


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