Friday, 2 July 2010

Book Review - Dark Goddess by Sarwat Chadda

Dark Goddess by Sarwat Chadda

BILLI SANGREAL is a Knight Templar and has thrown herself utterly into their brutal regime, shutting herself off from everyone and everything. But when Billi finds herself at the heart of a savage werewolf attack, she knows their target - a young girl - must be rescued at all costs. For this is no ordinary girl. Vasalisa is an avatar with an uncontrollable force within - and it's not just the werewolves who want her.The Dark Goddess wants to sacrifice Vasalisa and use her powers to unleash unimaginable catastrophes and devastation. Can Billi protect Vasalisa from the ancient goddess - and at the same time stop her from destroying the world?

The Review
OK so first of i need to say WOW!!! this book totally blew me away. Sarwart Chadda has hit the top of my favourite authors list with his sequel to The Devils Kiss and I'm stoked to have had the pleasure of reading this. The Dark Goddess is a well written, fast paced book that has continuous action flowing from one page to another keeping you engaged from the beginning to the very end.
Sarwat has carefully thought out his characters and the roles they play and why they play them in the Dark Goddess. Billi is strong and entrancing character, her constant battles keep you enthralled and sympathising with her until she found her happy end. Vasalisa was a child brought up in a world aware of her surroundings but not too aware she would be scared. she was wise and observant for her age and I automatically warmed to her and her nature. Ivin coped well and I loved how he softened to Billi, from the moment Ivin and Billi's eyes met it was like I was given a sign, they where so alike in so many ways it was impossible for the two characters to not meet again and when they did I was ecstatic. They where my favourite characters in the Dark Goddess.
I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of this book, you wont be disappointed....I truly can not wait to see what Sarwat has in store for us next.


  1. This sounds like an awesome book! I'm going to have to look for the first book(s) if this is a sequel, too. Great review!

  2. Its really great and i agree about the prequal but i dont think its very necessary although if your anything like me i feel lost if i dont have all the books in a series

  3. I can't wait to read this! I also loved Devil's Kiss, and I'm so happy that there's another stage in Billi's life. =)

  4. So glad this is good. I enjoyed Devil's Kiss and am just waiting for this one to come out in the US. Thanks for the review!


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