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Book Review - No and Me by Delphine De Vigan

No and Me by Delphine De Vigan (pre-order this book)
Released 2nd August 2010(paperback)


Lou Bertignac has an IQ of 160 and a good friend called Lucas who gets her through the school day. At home her father cries in secret in the bathroom and her mother hasn't been out of the house properly for years. But Lou is about to change her life - and that of her parents - for good, all because of a school project she decides to do about the homeless. Through the project Lou meets No, a teenage girl living on the streets. As their friendship grows, Lou cannot bear that No is still on the streets when she goes back home - even if it is to a home that is saddened and desolate. So she asks her parents if No can come to live with them. To her astonishment, her parents - eventually - agree. No's presence forces Lou and her parents to finally face the sadness that has enveloped them. But No has disruptive as well as positive effects. Can this shaky, newfound family continue to live together? A tense, brilliant novel tackling the true meaning of home and homelessness.

My Review
I haven't read a story like No and Me in a while so when I settled into it I didn't want to turn away, the shocking thing was I wasn't expecting to like No and Me as much as I do. It is a touching and an emotional Novel that embraces you into the story line and characters with wide arms allowing you to absorb every detail along the way. The simple wording flows with ease making this an easy and comfortable read.

Lou is a very alluring character, she's very mature for her age when it comes to the knowledge aspects of life, yet innocent in other aspects like boys and other teenage happenings. Lou has a kind heart with pure intentions, even though she has family problems of her own, she never lets them detract her attention away from No.

No was the character I warmed to the most her willpower and strength was well thought over and gave her the 'I don't need your sympathy vibe' Being homeless sounds like hell, and the fact that she coped with it is an achievement in itself. Her character makes you think and be grateful for what we have around us.

Delphine De Vigan's No and Me really intrigued me, with its family in crisis, life in Paris and one girl's determination to help a stranger get her life back on track. It's storyline leaves you with hope....that there are still remarkable people around us and the hope that friendships of differences bloom everyday.
Happy Reading xxx


  1. I have won this book recently and boy I cant wait to read it.Thanks for the review!

  2. sounds good! i haven't heard of this book or the author. thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds like a very powerful read. Added to wishlist :D Great review.

  4. @ Darlyn - I hope you enjoy it

    @ Chelleyreads - It is diferent from what i normally read. Its one of those books that leave you thinking and looking around you.

    @ Asamum - Sure is hunny

    Thanks all for the comments xx


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