Saturday, 10 July 2010

Book Review - Shadowland(The Immortals book 3) by Alyson Noel

The Immortals - Shadowland by Alyson Noel (buy me)

Ever and Damen have travelled through countless past lives - and fought off the world's darkest enemies - in search of each other. But just when their destiny seems finally within reach, a powerful curse falls upon them. A single touch of their hands, a soft brush of their lips will mean death for Damen - cast into the darkness of the Shadowland. But as she seeks to break the curse, Ever meets Jude - a green-eyed, golden surfer boy who understands magick, and understands Ever better than she realises. And she begins to ask a terrifying question: even if you're immortal, can true love really last forever?

My Review
I'm a big fan of The Immortal series by Alyson Noel and was eager to read Shadowland after the ending in Blue Moon, resisting reading the little sneaks here and there around the net and the first chapter in the back of Blue Moon as I didn't want to spoil it. The wait is hard and long enough without having extra little tidbits to make the wait seem longer. Once i received my copy and devoured it within hours I was somewhat left unimpressed. The element I was hoping for just wasn't there even though the love for the series remained and still kept me wanting more.
Alyson Noel keeps up her side of the deal her writing remains strong and engaging and her imaginary blooms just like Summerland but I felt like we were going no where. I was hoping in this book things would advance with Ever and Damen's relationship but if anything we stepped back slightly.
Ever has become more stubborn and acts on impulse...I felt myself continuously wanting to yell at her 'Damen's experienced and lived hundreds of years... just listen will you' but I know if Damen cant get through to her, I'm surely not gonna get through to her even if I could work my way inside that land of 339 pages. Ever also meets a new character Jude and I warmed to him immediately but was later left puzzled and can not wait to see on which side he lie's.
Im really hoping that Shadowland is just some sort of build up to Dark Flame and that when I read the fourth book it will knock me off my feet with all the things I loved in Evermore and Blue Moon... I understand many things will unravel and add to it but I just hope it gets its 'va va va voom' back.


  1. Hi Ayesha, looks like a series I will have to check out! Loved your Q&A especially on being a busy mom and all the juggling that goes on!

    Have a great weekend, Bonnie

  2. This book/series sounds like it is right up my alley, I'll definitely be checking it out! :) Hazel


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