Monday, 19 July 2010

Where We Read - Kristi (The Story Siren)

Welcome to Where We Read, the new feature here at The Readings of a Busy Mom.
 Its the place to see and share with you where us blogger's and authors enjoy to read.
From sofa's and beds to fancy nook's this is the place we read out books

To Start of this week we have been joined by the fabulous Kristi from The Story Siren

Can you tell is a little about yourself?
My name is Kristi! I'm a young adult literature addict. I share that addiction on my blog, The Story Siren. I live in a small town in Indiana with my husband and our rottweiler, Xander. When I'm not reading or blogging, I'm hanging out with my boys!

Where is your favorite reading spot?
My frumpy couch, with my blanket.

Oh I love that couch it looks soft! Why do you like to read there?
I read there because it's comfy! I don't seclude myself when I'm reading a book. Otherwise I'd probably never see my husband, so he is usually there beside me on the couch watching television while I read. I don't have any problems tuning out the television when I'm reading, so it works out nicely for me

Can you tell us your top 5 books so we can enjoy them in our spots.
This is such a loaded question..... only five!

Yeah 5, as if I make you narrow them down they will be the best 5 ;o)
Speak by Laure Halse Anderson (for something serious)
Lover Mine by J.R. Ward (for a steamy romance)
Forget You by Jennifer Echols (for something different)
A Match Made in High School (for something funny)
Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead (for an escape from reality)

Thank you Kristi, don't you all just love that couch you can see why Kristi enjoys to read there it looks all soft and comfy! If you don't know who Kristi is please check out her blog

If you would like to take part in my new feature Where We Read please email me


  1. yeah, that couch looks super comfy :)

    Love her top 5picks. I am so bad at choosing top 5's :) So pumped for Forget You - it's on it's way to me right now - hopefully I'll have it soon


  2. Hey, cool interview. The couch does look comfy. I loved all the books she choose.

  3. Kristi's top 5 are awesome. I've read them all except Lover Mine and I just got the whole VA series. I can't wait to start reading it. Great interview!


  4. Def. a comfy couch. We kinda do the same thing. I tune out the 2 T.V's at night while reading. My son lays on me watching a little TV with cartoons before bed. My Hubby watches the big one while sitting next to me.

    Wooo Lots going on. It works for us.

  5. Great interview, that couch does look really comfy.

  6. I read on the couch too! :D

    Yeah, nice couch. I'm guessing anyone who sits there wouldn't want to get off it.

    That was a great interview. I enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to more.

  7. I loved this! Such a great idea!

  8. That really look comfortable!

  9. Nice interview! Definitely lovin the looks comfy and worn, PERFECT for a good read. ^_^

  10. thanks so much for having me stop by and share my favorite reading spot! it was so much fun! happy reading!

  11. This is such a fun idea. And that couch does look really comfortable.


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