Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Book Review - The Named by Marianne Curley

The Named by Marianne Curley

Imagine if you were able to change history. By altering one tiny thing you could start a chain of catastrophic events. Ethan is one of the Named, fated to stop this ever happening, although the forces of chaos have other ideas and Ethan is finding it more and more difficult to stay one step ahead. He is also a normal schoolboy, whose life is rapidly becoming far too confusing. So when Isabel arrives on the scene she is only going to make matters worse ...or is she? This is history in the making - literally.

My Review

When i first picked up this book by Marianne Curley I wasn't too interested. The synopsis and prologue where great but the first chapter lost my interest and I put it down on page 18 although I never stop reading a book before I start I was planning to come back to it and I am glad I did because once I hit chapter 2 I was swept up into a whole new world. I felt like chapter 1 confused me a little but it soon changed. The pace makes you loose balance and gets you so engrossed you don't want to put The Named down until its finished and for this I bite my tongue as Marianne Curley hit a high not with The Named.

The Named is told in a split narrative between Ethan and Isobel in alternating chapters and worked beautifully. Ethan is a pleasant character, I felt myself pulling towards him, he has suffered a great loss but that doesn't stop his achievement as one of The Named, his will and determination continue throughout. Isobel's character had me in awe, she is willing and courageous and never seized to amaze me there was no challenge she wasn't willing to do.

I loved the story line throughout the named it kept me interested and guessing and still I have questions reeling in my mind about certain characters but they will be left unanswered for now. The ending was set up perfectly and had me smiling with a happy tear as it couldn't have been more perfect. Overall this is an amazing read and I would recommend it to all. The Named has left me begging for more and I can not wait to read the sequels The Dark and The Key.


  1. This sounds reallt intriguing - it's an awesome premise. Thanks for sharing - I'd never heard of it, but now it's another one on my wish-list :)

    Plus, i love dual naratives :)

  2. Happy Tuesday! I just love this meme! I get to see so many great books. Have a great week, happy reading. Stop by at The Wormhole to see mine!

  3. @ Nomes - its a definate read...i loved it and seriously hyped up about the sequels

  4. Great review! I have to admit though ... I have been known for putting books down that don't catch my attention within the first 50 pages. I'm glad you told us to keep reading though, otherwise, this poor book would have ended up at the back of my TBR pile. I'll definitely look into reading it now.

    Take care! :D
    Your new Book Soulmate ♥ Vanessa ♥

  5. I really enjoyed this too! Looking forward to the next one!

  6. Why can't every book in this world be as exciting and suspenseful as this book!!?? It just makes me want to cry!!! I absolutely loved this book. The book is about a group of teens who try to protect the present by going through the past inorder to fend off people in an organization that tries to destroy the past.


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