Friday, 30 July 2010

Blog a Little Book Shelf

So as many of my followers know I am moving house (does a little happy dance) and with the move it means I get a really nice book shelf to go in my reading space.

So in honor of my special space this special bookcase needs some inspiration and here is the place to see it...I will share my love and findings with you every Friday as you all know i love to share ;o)
Photo from here
Photo from here

*Sigh* I am totally in love with the 2nd and 5th one's! What book shelves have you seen that you love the look of...please feel free to share yours, email me and I will feature it next Friday

Hope you all have a happy weekend xxx


  1. These are so cool :) I love the first one...very unique and the second one makes me want to color-code my shelves! haha

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. yay for getting new book shelves! half my books are packed away in tubs...

    Love these pics :)

  3. @ Book Booksoulmates - I totally understand the need to colour co ordinate i mean it looks yummy the only problem is here in the UK most of our books in the paranormal range have black covers lol so it all would be black teheee

    @Nomes - I understand my books are all currently in Tubs too, ut me and hubby agreed that they needed to breath and with breathing i get a lovely little corner all to my yummy self :o)


  5. I love the idea of organizing books by color. I tend to remember the color of book spines, so I think I could still find what I'm looking for...


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