Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saturday Series Love

Saturday Series Love is my feature where you can find out what series are hot....unbeatable.....fantastic....can't stop reading reads.....
They can be read series or wishing to read series either way I am sharing the love

This weeks series is one I haven't read :o( but have just ordered :o) I have heard a lot about it and I am hoping it lives up to my expectations, its The Blood Coven Series by Mari Mancusi

Blood Coven Series by Mari Mancusi


Boys That Bite
After long time of studies, Rayne has gain the right to be turned to a vampire, but on her great day the vampire who is supposed to turn her bites her twin Sunny by mistake. Now Sunny has one week left to find the antidote if she wants to stay human.

Stake That
Not only is Rayne still human but she also has to work for the other side, “Slayer Inc”. She totally does not want to be a slayer since her dream is to become a vampire.She gets a mission to stop the insane Vampire Maverick, who wants to take over the local coven and by doing so, weakens all the other Vamps in line to be the next leader. The coven leader Magnus orders his general Jareth to work together with Rayne to save his coven from losses but Jareth bears a personal hatred towards Slayer Inc. which he transfers on to Rayne. Later in the story Rayne is infected by the virus that has been weakening the Vampires and all humans that are infected die, On her dying day Jareth turns her into a vampire where they become Blood mates and pronounce their love for one another and every one is shocked since the hated each other to begin with. Also she stop writing in her blog around the end and starts writing in a diary since some people make rude comments on it.

Girls That Growl
Now, a vampire but without vampire strength and vampire powers Rayne is still forced to go to school and to work for Slayer Inc. Her new Mission is to infiltrate the cheerleaders and find a missing football player. How could a goth girl which uses every chance to tease the cheerleaders join their ranks?

Bad Blood
Unable to serve as Magnus' co-ruler of the Blood Coven because of her humanity, Sunny is suspicious of the Coven's choice, Jane Johnson. When the Blood Coven travels to Las Vegas for a vampire convention, Sunny and her twin sister, Rayne, tag along so Sunny can learn the truth about Jane.

Don't you think they sound great? To find out more head on over to Mari Mancusi website

Happy Reading All xx


  1. This is a new to me series they do sound great. Happy reading!

  2. I really enjoyed Boys That Bite! Haven't read the rest yet, but hopefully someday! Here's mine:

  3. This series sounds good! I've never heard of it before. Going to go check it out on Goodreads...

  4. This series sounds great! I never even heard of it. I must read it now. Great covers too :)

  5. Very nice picks. You should check out the older covers for the first three books, I kind of like them more.


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