Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Book Review - The Physick book of Deliverence Dane by Katherine Howe

The Physick Book of Deliverence Dane by Katherine Howe


While clearing out her grandmother's cottage for sale, Connie Goodwin finds a hidden parchment inscribed with the name Deliverance Dane. And so begins the hunt to uncover the woman behind the name, a hunt that takes her back to Salem in 1692 ...and the infamous witchcraft trials. But nothing is entirely as it seems and when Connie unearths the existence of Deliverance's spell book, the Physick Book, the situation takes on a menacing edge as interested parties reveal their desperation to find this precious artefact at any cost. What secrets does the Physick Book contain? What magic is scrawled across its parchment pages? Connie must race to answer these questions - and reveal the truth about Salem's women - before an ancient family curse once more fulfils its dark and devastating prophecy ...This title is previously published in the UK as "The Lost Book of Salem".

My Review

When I brought this book it was merely out of 'it was the only thing on the shelves at tesco that looked like it was worth reading' I was not fully prepared for the fact i may get totally indulged in the story that I would do my own research on a topic we never got taught here in history ''The Salem Witch Trials''.

This book journeys through present and past with such passion you are indulged in both worlds without the feeling your getting thrown of track, to learn of how the trial went with Connie's past generations why she undergoes the journey of her own self discovery that she is in fact a witch from a long line of witch's that go as far back as the Salem Witch Trials.

I was truly smitten after the first few chapters and its definitely a must read to anyone who likes reading books with historical fiction mixed with controversial and a little romance mixed between the lines.....a total out of the box read for me and one I devoured it.


  1. I also liked this book. The historical research was great and the book was well-written. I will be interested to see what this writer does next.

  2. I read this book a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it as well. I used to live not far from that area and it made me wish I had appreciated it more when I lived there.

  3. Great to konw, I'm always on the lookout for good historical fiction.


  4. I thought this was a nice treat too when I read it a while ago. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

  5. You have an award waiting for you over at my blog. Congrats!

  6. The first time I heard of "The Salem Witch" trial was when I read the book Salem Fall by Jodi Picoult. The book you mentioned here really peak my interest. Hope that I'd get to find it here someday!

  7. Hi, thanks for your review of this book. I almost got it once, can't remember what happened, but looks like I will really have to make an effort the next time. Oh and the Salem Witch Trials, very tragic part of American history.


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