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Book Review - The Secret Hour (Midnighters 1) by Scott Westerfeld

The Secret Hour - (Midnighters book 1)  by Scott Westerfeld
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As the new girl at Bixby High School, Jessica Day expected some unwelcome attention. What she didn't expect was to feel an instant connection to a stranger in the corridor ...Who is this boy dressed in black? And why can she feel his eyes following her wherever she goes? The answers will have to wait until the sun goes down, for here in Bixby, midnight is the time for secrets; secrets that Jessica is going to find out, whether she wants to or not.

My Review
The Secret Hour is the first in the series called Midnighter's by Scott Westerfeld. When I first started reading this novel I was a little confused, knowing it was due to Scott lying down the basis of the plot I continued to read and found myself getting more and more addicted with every page.

The Story is told from a split POV amongst the 5 Midnighter's Jessica who is the main of the 5, Jonathan, Dess, Rex and Melissa being the remaining 4. Each character has there own unique 'gift' which activates in the 25th hour, an hour when all time stands still except for the Darklings and The Midnighters.

The Secret Hour concentrates on Jessica (the main of the 5 characters in this book so far) who takes you through The Secret Hour on a journey of discovery as a Midnighter and what her 'gift' is, but along the way we get sneak peaks of the other characters and who and what there 'gifts' are and at many points leaving me confused about how there 'gifts' work. I am also a little disappointed that Scott never highlighted more about the other characters, I felt they where only briefly touched upon so because of this I have left my trust in Scott that there will be more in store later on in the series....I think there is potential there for amazing characters who will remain on the brain but only if the remaining books live up to my expectations.

Scott has wrote a great book that is unique, exhilarating and skillfully written, one that I would recommend to all...Not only did I read this in less then 24 hours but I also had time to sit and ponder over the best parts and what I would like to happen next. I genuinely can not wait to start Touching Darkness lets hope it as good as The Secret Hour! :o)

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  1. Sounds good. I seen this book in the store but was unsure to get it. great review

  2. Yeh Savannah I understand....I was a little unsure too but then I got sent the series for review! Must say its different in a good way.... I need a break from all things vampire and ware(not a big break of course ;o) )

  3. Love Scott's writing and will definitely have to check this series out.Thaks for the review

  4. Scott Westerfeld is an awesome writer. I've read the first 2 books so far in this series and absolutely loved them. As with his other writing like The Uglies series he really knows how to think outside the box for ideas.

    Great Review

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  6. Sorry for the deleted comment. But this series sounds very interesting, I wonder what their gifts are.

  7. Great review!I have this on my TBR list but havent read it yet.It really sounds good ;p

  8. I remember when I read this series, I had to read all of them back to back because I just needed to know what happened. I'm glad that they were repackaged so more people could enjoy the series!


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