Monday, 23 August 2010

Where We Read - Megan Crewe (Author)

Today on Where We Read we have been joined by the wonderful Megan Crewe author of Give up the Ghost.....

Can you tell is a little about yourself?
I write young adult novels, mostly speculative fiction (paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, that sort of thing). My first book, GIVE UP THE GHOST, came out last fall, and my second, THE WAY WE FALL, will be out in early 2012. I live in Toronto, Canada, with my husband and three cats, and I work as a behavioral therapist for kids with autism. When none of those things are keeping me busy, I can be found practicing kung fu or planning my next overseas vacation (next year: Japan!).

Where is your favorite reading spot?

Honestly, I do most of my reading on the public transit (bus, streetcar, subway), because that's when it's most convenient. And I spent a lot of time on the transit, so I can get in 1-2 hrs a day that way. But I couldn't say that's my ideal place to read. When I'm allowing myself the luxury of curling up with a book at home, my favorite spot is on the living room couch, with leaning against a pillow on the arm by the window.

Why do you like to read there?

It's comfy, I can stretch my legs out, and there's lots of light. And close to the kitchen if I should happen to want to get a drink or a snack to compliment the book. :)

Can you show us your book shelves

These are just the shelves in my office. Three for adult fiction plus poetry and plays, one for kids and YA, and one weirdly shaped one that has most of my research nonfiction (mythology, history, etc.). As you can see, I should really get more--these ones are overflowing. There are also a couple in my husband's office that have a bunch of our other nonfiction, art books, and graphic novels.

Can you tell us your top 5 books so we can enjoy them in our spots.
I find it impossible to narrow my favorites down that far, so here are my faves in a few different categories:
  • Fave book in a series: THE KING OF ATTOLIA by Megan Whalen Turner
  • Fave book narrated by a character whose voice reminds me of myself as a teen: THE BOYFRIEND LIST by E. Lockhart
  • Fave book that I find impossible to put down: REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier
  • Fave book to read when I need a laugh: THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY by Douglas Adams
  • Fave book I've loved since childhood but hardly anyone seems to have heard of: THE CHANGELING by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Thank you Megan for taking time to join us today, to find out more about Megan visit her Website


  1. Love the question and Meghan's answers. I know I have one place I do most of my reading, which is a comfy black recliner in my study. The room is complete with my TBR bookshelf and my puter. Great post thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved this post, and these bookshelves. I am a big Give Up the Ghost fan and this was a fun peek. Looking forward to The Way We Fall.


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