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Book Review - The Wolf Next Door by Lydia Dare

The Wolf Next Door by Lydia Dare

Rogue, Rake…Werewolf. Years ago on a full moon, Lord William Westfield gave way to his inner beast and nearly ruined young Prisca Hawthorne. Knowing he can never trust himself in the arms of the woman he loves, he throws himself into a debauched lifestyle. When Westfield discovers he has a rival for Prisca's love, he decides if she's going to marry a Lycan it damn well better be him. But time is running out as Prisca's other suitor takes an instant and potentially fatal dislike to Westfield

My Review
The Wolf Next Door is the third part in The Westerfield Brother Trilogy but you don't have to read the previous two, to thoroughly enjoy this novel as you don't miss out much it would do great as a stand alone. Lydia writes with a natural skill her work flows and I found my self lost within the pages of The Wolf Next Door completely devouring it in a matter of hours and when I was finished I wanted more. It had all the things I needed right now in a novel....a historical setting, a set of hunky lycans, a bad guy, love, romance and humour, a much needed and speedy read. 

The Wolf Next Door is about Prisca and William Westerfield a couple who are in denial about there love for each other. Will is a hunk of a man who is also a Lycan, a man who has done wrong but is trying to put it right, I loved his charm, his wit, his confidence and his manner yup you got it, I fell head over heals for him and then there is his love Prisca....a girl I was at ends with she frustrated me with her innocence and yet her maturity made me love her....I never knew it was possible to have both characteristics but she held them both....she was a girl who knew what she wanted when she wanted it and wouldn't let nothing or no one get in her way until it was Will of course, her humour had me laughing out loud, her stubbornness had me sympathising with her and if that wasn't enough she was down right crazy and all a girl can do is love her.

The Wolf Next Door is a fabtastic I'm eager to continue...Lydia writes with great flow that allows you to breeze with minimal creases to the spine ;o) I'm eager to get my hands on the previous 2 novels,
  • Bk1 - A Certain Wolfish Charm,
  • Bk2 - Tall Dark and Wolfish
and then there is the need to continue with
  • Bk4 - The Taming of the Wolf
So yeah I'm a little addicted to Lydia right now, I have never read a single page of her writing before but after reading The Wolf Next Door I'm hooked like a fish after bait I mean WOW! A definite recommendation to all my Adult readers.

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  1. Oh! Thank you for the nice review of The Wolf Next Door. I am so glad you enjoyed Will and Prisca's story and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the addiction too. ;) ~ Lydia

  2. +JMJ+

    Lydia Dare is a new-to-me author. I think your review is a good introduction to readers like me, who haven't really heard of her, because now I'm quite curious about her Lycans!


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