Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Guest Blog - Jennifer Echols

I have been joined today by the wonderful Jennifer Echols, author of many titles including her latest novel Forget You. Jennifer's post today will no be the usual 'lets talk about your book' post, Jennifer has joined us today to tell us a little more about herself and her life as an author and a mom. So lets give a warm welcome to the wonderful Jennifer:

I love the name of this site because I’m a busy mom myself! Here’s a little run-through of today. Currently it’s 5:32 a.m. I’ve been up since 4:30, working through an e-mail I received in July. When I finish writing this guest post, I’m going to work on a book revision until my 9-year-old gets up at 6:30.

Then I’m cooking bacon and eggs, serving up Cheerios, and packing him a lunch for school. I’ll get him out the door around 7:30 and go for a jog—about 3 miles because I’ve been slacking lately. I need to work my way back up to 5. I have a doctor’s appointment, oh joy, where I will read THE HUNGER GAMES, which I’ve heard so many great things about. When I get home, I have another hour of book revision scheduled.

And then, for the rest of the school day, I’m working at my other job as a freelance copy editor. I’ll pick my son up around 3 and we might go to the pool, and, whoops—I forgot until just now that I am in charge of dinner. Later tonight I will scrub the baseboards in the finished basement because my son is having a sleepover on Friday. I will probably fall asleep reading THE HUNGER GAMES. And there you have it, the glamorous life of a novelist.
A few more random things about me: I have a hard time watching movies and TV because I’m so critical. Books are better. I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve rented from Netflix and turned off after 5 minutes because they were a waste of my time. Most of the TV programs I see are science-oriented documentaries I watch with my son. Lots of MYTHBUSTERS. As for music, I’m a new rock kind of girl: Incubus and the Foo Fighters. I have absolutely no fashion sense, but my husband does. He buys me clothes, thank goodness. My menfolk really take good care of me. My 9-year-old has to explain to me how to work my cell phone.

Thank you very much for joining us today, it is highly appreciated as we know how busy life can be especially as a busy mom......If you have not read Forget Me or any other titles by Jennifer you can find out more HERE and Forget Me below.....

Happy Reading xxx
Forget You

There’s a lot Zoey would like to forget. Like how her father has knocked up his twenty-four-year old girlfriend. Like Zoey’s fear that the whole town will find out about her mom’s nervous breakdown. Like darkly handsome bad boy Doug taunting her at school. With her life about to become a complete mess, Zoey fights back the only way she knows how, using her famous attention to detail to make sure she’s the perfect daughter, the perfect student, and the perfect girlfriend to ultra-popular football player Brandon.
But then Zoey is in a car crash, and the next day there’s one thing she can’t remember at all—the entire night before. Did she go parking with Brandon, like she planned? And if so, why does it seem like Brandon is avoiding her? And why is Doug—of all people—suddenly acting as if something significant happened between the two of them? Zoey dimly remembers Doug pulling her from the wreck, but he keeps referring to what happened that night as if it was more, and it terrifies Zoey to admit how much is a blank to her. Controlled, meticulous Zoey is quickly losing her grip on the all-important details of her life—a life that seems strangely empty of Brandon, and strangely full of Doug.


  1. great post. i love jennifer echols (who doesnt really?) her life sounds absolutely full on crazy :)


  2. Love this post. And I love her books. Such a awesome writer!!

  3. That's a crazy schedule! Nice guest post :D


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