Friday, 6 August 2010

Book Review - iDrakula by Bekka Black

iDrakula by Bekka Black

A modernization of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, in cell novel form, in which two rebellious teens find themselves in over their heads when one girl’s boyfriend reappears from a mysterious summer internship in Romania gravely ill and craving blood

Book Review

iDrakula is wrote in text message/email form throughout and it takes alot of imagination to see beyond the simpleness of it and I think that's what makes it a cool read, you are unable to grip to the characters but still like whats happening and how its happening. The idea of writing a book in emails/Texts and on a illustrated phone is very clever, especially as nowadays that's what we do we text or email instead of write a letter or pick up the phone like in the past.

iDrakula is a debut novel by Bekka Black and a cute one at that...It is a modernization of Bram Stokers Dracula and if you have read it you will notice the familiarity at the beginning of iDrakula even with the twist of script. As much as I love originals I applaud Bekka for a great adaption. Overall iDrakula is a simple yet treat me to a quick read on a journey book....I breezed through it in an hour and still I'm not 100 percent sure of how I feel about it I mean it's interesting, cute, cool but its also predictable.......but at the same time I am xzglad I read iDrakula....

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  1. This sounds like an interesting read.

  2. I have never read Dracula, but really want to. I think I will make an effort to put together a list of all the classics I have never read but one to and challenge myself next year to do it.

    I love your review of this adaptation and will have to read it as it sound pretty awesome. Thanks

  3. Hey, I just read this one too! Check out my review at!


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