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Book Review - Betrayals (A Strange Angels Novel) by Lili St Crow

Book Review - Betrayals (A Strange Angels Novel) by Lili St Crow

The second novel in the Strange Angels series picks up with Dru neatly tucked away in a Schola that's more like a prison than a secret training facility. Except for one tiny detail ...she's the only girl in the place and is totally surrounded by tons of cute boys. But a traitor in the Order wants Dru dead and she can't trust anyone except for Graves. Too bad he's being kept busy with a new crew of wulfen teens and doesn't have time for her. As she learns the truth about who she can and can't trust, Dru's only hope may be to save herself - although the one gift that makes her special is draining away, and she doesn't know how to get it back. Will Dru survive long enough to find out who is really after her? Or is she destined for the same fate as her murdered parents?

My Review

I read and reviewed book 1 in The Strange Angels Series HERE a few days ago and automatically fell in love....after reading the second book Betrayals I feel the same way. We have a few extra characters who again suit the novel so well and I love that, I love the way I feel when I read this book it was like it all fit perfectly. Sometimes when I read I find that no matter what there will be something a little off, a character I don't like or a description that is a little of key for my taste but The Strange Angels Series so far has hit all the right notes leaving an echo in its wake!

Betrayals is a well written fast paced...lets kick some Ass and feel a little sorry for myself novel! I love it I really do Dru has not changed much from our first meeting she still holds the key to being Dru except shes maturing slightly. I love how Lili explores her characters senses with great detail and gives us a little more insight to Dru's confusion of the 2 main boys in her life...and yup even though things have progressed with Wulf boy Graves I'm still holding out for Christophe (I mean please Graves is just so Jacob;o) ).

I must admit The Strange Angels novels are not what I expected so far.....I didn't think I would enjoy them as much as I do and it just goes to show that I can be won over even if it only takes a few chapters.....I'm loving the wolf/vampire interaction.....I'm loving the lil' love war that I sense will erupt soon...I'm loving it all and seriously if you haven't read it yet....what are you waiting for!!


  1. sounds like an awesome series! it's on my wishlist!

  2. It's amazing how I have yet to read a book from this series. I have to get right on it, right? :)

  3. @ Carrie you wont regret it ....its been brilliant i am just finishing book 3!!

    @Nikola - Yup I agree right now would be good!!! you will love it i assure you


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