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Author Interview - Bree Despain - Giveaway

Author - Bree Despain

We have been joined today by the lovely Bree Despain author of The Dark Divine. Bree is a admiring women who has dreamed of becoming a writer all her life but though it was only for special people...well i assure her she has hit the dream like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow with her outstanding debut and has many anxiously awaiting the next in the series.

The Dark Divine (my review)

A prodigal son. A dangerous love. Haunted yearning...Grace Divine, daughter of the local pastor, always knew something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared and her brother Jude came home covered in his own blood. Now that Daniel's returned, Grace must choose between her growing attraction to him and her loyalty to her brother. As Grace gets closer to Daniel, she learns the truth about that mysterious night and how to save the ones she loves, but it might cost her the one thing she cherishes most: her soul.

1. I would ask you to tell us a little about The Dark Divine but that's going to waste a question after all what do we have the synopsis for so can you tell us your writing process... was it an easy book to write?
At times yes, and at times no. I worked on the book for about a year but then stalled on the story when I was on the third draft. I had what felt like an incurable case of writer’s block, and I ended up putting the book in a drawer for almost a year and a half. I worked on other projects for awhile, and then finally started to get ideas for TDD again. I started working on it again steadily for another year.

2. So that's how we have The Dark Divine - was this the only title or was there more before you chose this one
The first draft of the book was called Daniel Divine because of Daniel’s desire to be a part of the Divine family. But some people who read the early drafts thought the title meant Grace and Daniel were brother and sister—which is kind of gross.

3. I'm a big fan of Daniel I mean who wouldn't be, but which character is your fave and why?
It really depends on the day. I love Grace because I feel like she is a stronger version of my teenage self. She gets to say and do the things that I would have only thought to do or say. But I think Daniel is my favorite character today. I just love exploring the mind of a conflicted character.

4. The Dark Divine is getting some great reviews from my fellow bloggers... How does that make you feel?
It feels really great when people enjoy or connect to something that I’ve poured so much of my time and love into. But honestly, it also creates a lot of pressure for the things that I write in the future. I hope the people who love TDD will also love my new books.

5. What is the best comment you have received for The Dark Divine
I recently received a letter from a teenage girl who read TDD to her best friend who was in a coma after an ATV accident. A few weeks later, her friend woke up from her coma and when she was able to speak again, she said she remembered that while she was asleep she heard someone telling her about someone named Grace or Gracie. She said she wanted to hear more because she liked it. The girl who wrote me the letter said that she believed that her friend’s connection to the story is one of the things that helped her come out of the coma. When I read that letter, I started crying—even though I was sitting in the lobby of a hotel at a writing conference.

6. Word has it there is a sequel in the making... care to share some details
Not sure what all I’m allowed to say, but THE LOST SAINT explores some of the questions and problems that are left unaddressed at the end of TDD. Grace has lost someone very close to her, and she will go to great lengths (and dangers) to find him.

7. And finally how many will there be in this series
Right now there are 3 books planned in the series. It will most likely only be the 3 books, but I can’t say that I am 100% sure there won’t be any more. But I’m like 98% sure.

Thank you Bree for joining us today I know you have bee super busy lately so it just shows us how mush pf a rock star you are. I love your answer to question 5. I would have cried at something like that too...

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