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Where We Read - Kylie frome kyliesreads

So its that time of the week again where we find the places our fellow readers like to relax with a good book. Today we have been joined by the wonderful Kylie from Kyliereads

Can you tell is a little about yourself?
Newly employed library assistant, mother to an 8 year old boy and a four year old girl. Wife to a mad keen fisherman and kayaker. I also quilt in my spare time! Live on a lovely island called Coochimudlo Island in Morteon Bay, Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Where is your favorite reading spot?
Bed - sorry no picture! The beach. The deck of our house and the ferry on the ride to and from the mainland. I also spend a lot of time reading at a coffee shop or local library when I need to waste time on the mainland before picking up kids or getting to appointments.
Why do you like to read there?
The deck, especially in winter, is awash with sunshine. A cup of tea, a good book, what more can you want! The ferry ride is quick - between 6-10 minutes but is enough for me to get a few pages in. I've actually trained my kids to leave me alone on the ferry - mummy's reading time, don't disturb. The beach is where we spend a lot of time during summer. As we are in a bay, there are no waves and my kids are old enough that all I need to do is look up occasionally and count heads. It's a small community which means while I always take a book to the beach, it often doesn't get read as we always run into friends and usually end up chatting and frequently having a few drinks!

Can you show us your book shelves?

I'm actually a bit anal about my shelves! Alphabetical order by author. No one else is allowed to put books away,although my husband will go in and take books out and put them in random places just for (his) fun! You'd never guess I have a Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Management would you? Non fiction are on another shelf, organised in subjects. We use to have a lot more books, but when we moved from Canberra to the island, a distance just short of 2000km (about 1200 miles) we did a huge weed. All that means is I now have space to build it up again!

Can you tell us your top 5 books so we can enjoy them in our spots.
Hmmm, this is a hard one! My top five change frequently, but here are my current

Life of Pi by Yann Patel - not sure exactly what it is about this book, but it sang to me. Loved it!

The Number No1 Ladies Detective Agency Series - Alexander McCall Smith - fantastic, easy reads. Uncomplicated, but full of delightful stories that espouse morals and values without being preachy.

Breath - Tim Winton - in fact anything by Tim Winton. He is an excellent Australian writer. His use of language is superb. One of those writers you find yourself re-reading sentences just because they are so beautifully crafted.

Sins of the Brother - Mark Whittaker and Les Kennedy - I love a good true crime book and this is one of the best. Ivan Milat was convicted of what is known in Australia as the Backpacker murders. Milat murdered 7 young backpackers from Australia, Germany and Britain during the 1990's. Despite a mass of evidence he protests his innocence to this day. I started to read this book while I was pregnant with my second child and had to stop because it was giving me graphic and vivid nightmares! I'd say a must read for all true crime aficionados.

The Outsiders - SE Hinton - a book a read during those angst filled teenage years. A friend and I use to spend hours quoting parts of it back and forth to each other - from memory! We even took nicknames from it! *blush*

Thank you Kylie for joining us today!! I have never heard of any of your top 5 books so im off to find out more!!

If you would like take part in Where We Read
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  1. I would love reading everywhere Kylie does. What a beautiful place. Great post thanks.

  2. Thanks for the great profile. I've just started full time work again after a 2.5 year break and it's proving quite a juggling act! Need to work out how to include blogging in my day!

  3. Kylie if i lived where you did i think i may not do anything but read :)

  4. I love to read on the deck on a hot sunny day! Fun post!


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