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Book Review - A Cottage by the Sea by Ciji Ware

A Cottage by the Sea by Ciji Ware

Some might call it running away . . .

But after a scandalous Hollywood divorce, Blythe Stowe considered it damage control for body and soul. The pain, the humiliation, the daily tabloids shouting details as her famous husband dumped her for her own sister demanded a serious getaway: to the wild coast of Cornwall and a cottage by the sea that her Wyoming grandmother claimed had been home to her ancestors.
Some might call it chance . . .

But Blythe encountered more than just a quaint retreat nestled amid vivid skies and gorgeous ocean. And she had the odd sensation that her wickedly handsome neighbor Lucas Teague was more than a British gentleman going broke. He might be her
destiny . . .

My Review
This is the first novel I have ever read by Ciji Ware and I am sure it won't be my last. A Cottage by The Sea is an addictive read that took me through every page with a comforting ease while I got hooked on the life like characters along the way...a novel of true romance with droppings of suspense and humour in all the right places and if that wasn't enough then the hunk Lucas was!!

Ciji wrote her characters with great thoroughness and I admire that..I loved Blythe she was a strong and spunky character while still remanding soft...she certainly wasn't a push over but she wasn't arrogant even though she had qualities that could have made her like that, Blythe became an added person to my heart...I mean ow! stop making me hurt women, and then there was Lucas.....I felt a strong pull to this character with his daily habits and somewhat charming life...they where both oblivious to what was so obvious to me! Sigh* I would call it innocence but that would be pushing my luck ;o)

Overall Ciji writes a beautiful and compelling novel, Living in UK I'm lucky enough to experience Cornwall growing up as it was a place me and my family would visit for the summer. Ciji explains my child hood Holiday destination with great clarity that allowed my heart to miss it, what's the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder and I think my absence is well overdue as my heart aches with longing!

I would recommend this novel to all my adult readers as it is one that no doubt you will love it has everything a girl needs from romance to history and all things in between including a yummy man face;o)....a novel I'm glad I picked up this year and one you may just regret if you don't.


  1. Thanks for the great review! I swear my TBR list is out of control but oh well!

  2. Hi from Author Ciji...
    My Google Alert system sent me your lovely review and I just want to say how gratifying it is when readers understand the various aspects of a novel I was trying to portray.I love Cornwall too, and have English cousins who live there. It also reminds me a lot of the place I grew up: Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, and I wrote a blog about that which might amuse you. Meanwhile, thanks for your insightful review. Much appreciated. Here's the blog about the Cornwall-Carmel connection:

  3. Hi, nice blog :)

    Been hearing a lot of good things about this author, would like to check it out


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