Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Series Love - The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

Friday Series Love will be the place to find out what series are hot....unbeatable.....fantastic....can't stop reading reads.....

Were gonna start this week of with  The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine, If your anything like me then i loved this series of books, from the moment i picked up the first book i was hooked. There was something about the danger, action and love that kept me interested and there wasn't a point i didn't want to read on

What's it all about?

When 16-year-old Claire Danvers arrives in the sleepy Texas town of Morganville for a parentally-enforced year at Texas Prairie University before heading off to MIT, her life takes a turn for the scary. First, the mean girls come after her, but a quick life-saving move to off-campus housing fixes that problem, and introduces her to three new friends: teen rocker Michael Glass, Goth Eve Rosser, and hottie/slacker Shane Collins.

But Morganville's got more secrets to reveal, starting with one very big one: It's run by vampires.

The books in order
Glass Houses
The Dead Girls' Dance
Midnight Alley
Feast of Fools
Lord of Misrule
Carpe Corpus
Fade Out
Kiss of Death

There are still another 4 books to be published in the series and i can not wait for them and the covers are all to die for.

What Series are you loving right now......I would love the suggestions as there is nothing i love more then a good series of books

Happy Friday All


  1. Hi there...found your blog on the blog hop at parajunkees...:D Im loving your blog and look forward to seeing more from you as a reviewer. Im also a new follow today...:D

  2. I'm a new follower who found you through the hop!

  3. Hi! Found you through the hop, but love this post about The Morganville Vampires. They've been on my TBR list for a while but haven't gotten there yet!

    Have a good weekend,

  4. Hey girls thanks for following

    Jenny.....I know right, it is a must read collecton i really love this series

  5. I'm a new follower who found you through the hop!
    I also loved your post on the Morganville Vamps. It's a series that I've been meaning to read, I think I have the first 4 or 5 books in my TBR pile so now would be a good time to start it. I like to do a marathon book feast when reading a series as I hate the long wait between books.


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