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Book Review - Night World Volume 3(Huntress, Black Dawn, Witchlight) by L J Smith

Huntress (Night World V3) by L J Smith

Synopsis(from waterstones)
In 'Huntress', Jez Redfern is wild and dangerous, and the leader of a gang of Night World vampires. But Jez discovers a shocking secret, and faces a terrifying choice: she must either remain a deadly crusader of evil, or fight to protect innocent mortals from her former friends ...But can she resist her instinct for blood? In 'Black Dawn', Maggie Neely's biggest worry is leading her soccer team to victory - until her brother, Miles, goes missing. Maggie must find him. Her search leads Maggie to the vampire, Delos, to whom she is strangely attracted. But while Delos lives, Miles could be lost forever. Can Maggie bring herself to destroy him? Or will Delos get to Maggie first? In 'Witch Light', Keller is part shapeshifter, part panther. She is searching for a new Wild Power. But can the dizzy human girl, Iliana, really be it? And then there's the dashing, romantic Galen. Keller has strong feelings for him. But he's destined to be Iliana's soulmate. Can Keller keep away? Or will she break her promise, and fall in love?

The Review

Huntress, Black Dawn and Witchlight are part of The Night World series by the amazing L J Smith, New York's best seller and author of The Vampire Diaries. I have loved L J Smith from the moment i picked up her first book, she writes with such flow, that her books engage the reader from the first page. Its a no ending race of action and her story lines are deeply engaging making you want more and more.

Huntress is about a young lady named Jezabel Redfern, one of the best and most honoured huntresses in the Night World. She is a strong and endearing throughout this story. Her attitude and willingness to do good after all the bad makes you engage with her character. The reader is brought into her world to feel every single ounce of emotion and pain and suffering as she does.

Black Dawn is about a young girl, Maggie, who's brother, Miles, is supposedly dead, according to his girlfriend, Sylvia. Maggie has strength, passion and drive like no other, she fights every obstacle that gets in her way just to help others putting her life at risk in the process. Maggie is the most un-selfish person there is and her passion to do good is continuously shown.

Witchlight is about a shapeshifter's forbidden love story. Keller is a fierce panther in her 'shifter form. She shows no emotion that could cause any sign of endangerment to those around her.I wasn't very keen on Keller's character in this book, she came across a little selfish at points and self driven but then i suppose its what has to be done in her life. Her character is different and still manages to grip ones attention throughout.

I was highly impressed by Night World No.3, the series has only got better and better with each book. It will take you on numerous gore-filled adventures and take you through a few lusty times, and every minute is action-packed and good to go. I highly recommend if you haven't read this yet.
Have you read Night World? Do you like the series? Which is your Favourite book so far? I would love to hear what you think too!
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  1. I have not read anything L.J. Smith, although I am enjoying the TV series of Vampire Diaries. This series sounds goo though so I may have to check it out. Thanks for your get review.

  2. I havent read this but looks like you enjoyed it. :)


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