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Book Review - Saints V Sinners by Katie Agnew

Saints V Sinners by Katie Agnew

Synopsis(from waterstones)
The LaFata family have it all - obscene wealth, talent, good fortune and beautiful genes. Or at least they used to...until the head of the family, Giancarlo 'Fatty' La Fata, vanishes over the side of his yacht one night and disappears into the dark Riviera night. His widow (and fourth wife) Jade, his son, Carlo Jr, and daughters, Francesca and Angelica, are left awash in a sea of heartbreak and confusion. Did Fatty fall, or was he pushed? But this question only leads to more - for around a strong man, are even stronger women. Mothers, daughters, lovers, wives and sisters - Fatty has left a web of women who all have their own secrets. When one of these women steps forward to clean up the mess Fatty left behind she will meet the drug dealers and illegal gamblers that lurk behind the glamour of the French Riviera, she will risk her heart as well as her life. Can she save the La Fata family from destruction? Or is it already too late?

The Review

When I received this book I was first struck by that awesome cover.....they say never judge a book by its cover, but this cover pulled me in and begged me to read it, and it was anything but unfulfilling. Katie Agnew has an amazing writing style, she writes this book from several characters points of view, it never leaves you questioning what the other person was thinking and if you do question it you will soon be was an amazing and a truly intoxicating read.

The Characters ranged from the hot and sexy to the down right trashy and they cover it all sex, love, scandal and crime in such pace and flow you get entwined like its reality, its like you can taste what is happening. I loved how the character developed with change Francesca went from in control to letting go and giving in for love, Carlo went from a careless bad boy to a responsible lover boy and Angelica went from off the rails to clean and trying, Saints V Sinners just didn't miss a trick. But from them all I loved Fran and Carlo the most, there attitude to the change inspires many and its those small things that matter when things get matter what you always have family.

I can not say there is one a thing I love most about Saints V Sinners as I just love it as a whole, the plot was fantastic and the fact I was left in suspense to find the truth about what happened to Fatty Lafata was brilliant, normally by half way through a book I have kinda guessed how the rest will flow but Katie kept it hidden and the suspense made you want to find out What really happened to Fatty Lafata? She expressed things with great clearness and understanding and I must say this has been by far the best bit of Chick Literature I have read in while.

Saints V Sinners is released today so don't miss out, go get yourself a copy and be prepared to be dragged into world of the true Saints and Sinners.

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  1. I love your review, and agree the cover is pretty dynamic. it's not the sort of book I usually read, but 5 stars is pretty compelling :) I'm going to see if my library has it in :)

  2. Nomes it truly is brillliant it made a change for me from all the fantasy reads...gave me that little but of fiction thats a little like life. I highly suggest reading it

  3. This cover is super sexy. Unfortunately, doesn't really sound like a book for me. And yet, I am slightly intrigued. . ..

  4. I am SO going to check this out .. damn girl you gonna have me dreaming about letters .. LMAO

  5. Brizmus - i felt the same but i loved it really and truly loved it

    Sasha - Yo book i get that one im head over heels with reading again and this is by far one of the best

  6. I read a review of this in a magazine the other day and it seems like the kind of book I wouldnt mind borrowing from a library or a friend..not something I'd buy for myself though. x

  7. thanks for recommending this, I will make sure to keep my eyes open for this one


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