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Book Review: The Other Girl by Sarah Miller

The Other Girl by Sarah Miller

Being in Gid's head by the way ...it's different from being able to read his mind. I can read his mind, but I think of that as something you can turn on and off. I am inside his head every waking minute of our lives. Molly McGarry seems to have it all - she's smart, she attends the prestigious Midvale Academy prep school and she's finally got the guy of her dreams, Gideon Rayburn. But now everything's changing. Molly and Gid got together in a very unusual way, when Molly mysteriously entered Gid's mind, and so could 'guess' what he was thinking and exactly what he wanted. This gave Molly one-upmanship over Cullen and Nicholas, Gid's debauched and rebellious room-mates, who pressure Gid and prefer him single. By some bizarre twist of fate, Molly suddenly leaves Gid's mind and enters the mind of Pilar Benitez-Jones, possibly the hottest girl in the world, and definitely not someone whose head she wants to be inside. Pilar flirts with Gid. A lot. And she appears to be the shallowest and most spoilt rich girl on campus. No longer inside the head of her crush, Molly feels her life is spiralling out of control. Gradually Molly realises that being inside Pilar's head has its advantages as she tries to influence Pilar for her own schemes and to salvage her grades - with ensuing chaos.

My Review

The Other Girl is written by the author of Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn: A Midvale Academy Novel which is a prequel to The Other Girl. There was no need for me to read Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn as The Other Girl does no start off from a point in the previous book, its strait into a new chapter its self explanatory in its own way, but me being my own person couldn't resist the 1st in the pair as it is what sometimes gives you a better understanding of the book after.

The Other Girl is told from Molly's point of view but with a twist of an added two minds, the love of her life Gideon and the stunning, (shes so jealous of) Pilar. When I first started reading this book I disliked Molly I found she was selfish, she only cared for herself and keeping her 'boyfriend' happy. It wasn't until the book warmed up I actually related to her, she was being taught a lesson and it seemed she was learning from it too. Her character wasn't my favourite but i understood her greatly maybe even related to her in many parts, she's a teenage girl with a complex, almost afraid of the other girl.

Pilar was the character I liked the most. I was fascinated by her and the way she pressured herself to always be better, do better, but it wasn't with studying or educational things like a normal teenager, it was only about her appearance. She was very egocentric and detached from those around her and it wasn't until later in the book that she learned to appreciate those who where not like herself and learn that the world isn't all about the way you look. Its a lesson some people don't learn until they are to old to do anything to change all the hurt.

Its true to its word if you like The OC, you will love The Other Girl by Sarah Miller. Sarah writes in the now with slang and bashing one another like you are really in the room and watching it happen although i wasn't too keen on some of the Male references....what can i say I'm old (OK 23 but the word C***weed is not my favourite word from the book). When i first began reading i was not too impressed by The Other Girl, it was only when the story warmed up i felt myself not wanting to put it down, it started to intrigue me to the emotions each character was going through and the reality of how it must of been.

The Other Girl is a must read for all those who love The OC and programmes alike. You can Relate to the characters and find that Every Cloud has a Silver Lining.

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  1. This one sounds great - especially the different voices in the book. Thanks for the review :) x

  2. Loved the OC! Great review!

  3. i've read inside the mind of gideon rayburn and thought it was funny and clever in parts and then too OC-ish for me in others :) I actually have this one at home, but every time I've tried to get into it i haven't been able to for some reason? Must have to be in the right mood.

    Nice review.



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